I'm Doriane. I grew up in Belgium, where i live, in Bruxelles.

me, doriane

I like to think about systems and automatised processes as sensible mediums. I have an infinite love for the idea of designing with words and language.

In 2021 I joined Open Source Publishing, where i make websites & conversations.

Since 2023, I coordinate an artistic research on CSS and the crafts of designing with language, called Declarations.

I deeply and sincerly love cooking, and walking (both alone or with other people).



Declarations is an ongoing artistic research into the poetic materiality of the CSS web-standard. Declarations is a love letter to the crafts of designing with language.

free palestine


  • Cobbled paths

    A workshop with gijs de heij at besancon on an experimental tool that convert ascii FIGlet font to continuous svg in order to pen-plot them.

  • Web-Jockey Protocol (on Wikipedia)

    A workshop at le 75 about giving new themes to specific articles of wikipedia in collaborative way using etherpad.

  • Wonderful Websites Pedagogy

    A list of ressources adressed to both designers and amateurs that tries to tell a multiplicity of bright opportinities websites can be.

  • Etherdot

    A workshop with Gijs de Heij at Karlsruhe about using Graphviz DOT language to create graphs on technological standards through etherpad.

  • etherstyling Wikipedia

    A workshop with Amélie Dumont at Mainz about giving new themes to specific articles of wikipedia in collaborative way using etherpad.

  • Declarative Companion

    A workshop at le 75 about describing everyday objects and crafting webpages out of those descriptions.


  • cobbled paths

    a figlet 2 2 hpgl pipeline. it makes a way from the blocky discontinuity of Ascii drawings, to the smoothness of bezier curves, to an anologic pen-plotter interpretation.

  • against

    A conflicting tool about web named color and accessibility standards.

  • seashell resonnance

    a tool to make web music list

  • meteo

    an open planner structure and craft



    A collaborative website for research on music. The logo is created through SVG filters, taken from Inkscape and translated to the web, changing everytime as some visual generative synth.


    "Performing art in the city and its fringe". The website is devided into liquid and solid states that nourrishes each others. Tags and people act like desire paths, motivating exploration.


    Moon walks in the Forest organised by Anaïs Berck. The typography vary according to the current phase of the moon. The color theme varies according to wether it's day or night in Bruxelles.

  • Oscillation festival (2022)

    2022 edition of Q-O2 Oscillation festival. The page reshape itself by activating or hidding sections. A dynamic SVG drawing grows according the number of people connected on the page, playing with the idea of audience.

  • Meyboom

    Economical webpage for the collectivity of artists at Meyboom. The navigation is a simple handcrafted interactive SVG map.

  • Balsamine 2021-2022

    Website for The Théâtre la Balsamine whe the agenda works like a responsive dynamic landscape.


    Online publication on Constant's Alchorisma worksession. A website where hyperlinks between pages are inserted algorithmically, common words between two texts becomes pathways.

a web sticker


my favorite color

hsl(162, 70%, 54%)
the both intense and conforting sound of something plunging into water and the following sub-bass silence, a deep breath that extends to all parts of the body


SUN ♑︎ - ASC. ♌︎ - MOON ♍︎

ungual & digital

relating to a finger or fingers.
relating to or affecting a nail, hoof, or claw.
a screenshot of the codex seraphinianus with a nail writting

archived projects

  • Elements by Element

    prints graphic interpretations of the file folder structure of a USB storage device, according to different themes.

  • Actual Art Tips by Actual Artists

    an installed system that extracts and broadcasts the most popular art tips from Youtube, one sentence per day.

  • Personnal Data Blade

    custom daggers generated with code based on personnal data Facebook archives.


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